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ACN Fixed Line

ACN Select is a new way for you to tailor your calling plan to meet your calling needs. It starts with a base plan that includes line rental to which you can include up to five bolt-on's. Get 250 minutes per month with the National Fixed and National Mobile bolt-ons and 100 minutes per month to both fixed and mobile calls with the International bolt-ons, split into three different zones. Each bolt-on is a monthly commitment and can be changed at anytime. Calls are rated per second which means that you only pay for what you use! The standard national and international rates apply to calls made outside of the bundle.

If you currently use ACN's Carrier-Pre Selection service and would like to upgrade to ACN Line Rental, please click here to download a copy of the ACN Telephone Service Agreement.

ACN Line Rental
• PSTN/Analogue and ISDN services for residential and business customers
• Optional add-ons: Call Waiting, Call Diversion, Ring Back, Reminder Call, 3 Way Calling, Caller Display, Call Barring

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Rate Plans
ACN Line Rental - Price List
ACN 1 - Domestic Rates
ACN 2 - Domestic Rates
ACN 3 - Domestic Rates
ACN Business - Domestic Rates
ACN Select - Domestic Rates
ACN Elite - Domestic Rates
ACN Friends Call Free - Domestic Rates

Other information
Terms and Conditions
Acceptable Usage Policy
Additional Services Guide
Direct Debit Mandate
ACN Line Rental – House Move Form
Information about Local Loop Unbinding (LLU)
ACN Code of Practice
DSA Code of Practice for Consumers
ACN Carrier Pre-Selection - Form for House Moves
ACN Carrier Pre-Selection - Account Holder Change Form
Model Withdrawal Form

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